Why Yarnosity?

So where did Yarnosity come from? Excellent question! Here is our story:

In the summer of 2013 my Father was due to have open heart surgery. I was living in the Denver Colorado area and my Father, along with the rest of my family, lives in Portland Oregon. I elected to take time away from work to fly out to Portland and be there for my Dad. I am happy to say the surgery went well! I was with him in the hospital every day during his recovery. This meant 8-10 hours every day for 2 weeks I was by his side. Each day he got better. We started talking about all kinds of things. I've never felt closer to him in my adult life. My Father is a truly amazing person.. and an adept entrepreneur.

He started his own company over 40 years ago and made it into a successful business. As I sat there chatting with him day after day I was also knitting. He started asking me about the process of knitting, the yarn, the culture. I explained how different fibers work up differently and he was intrigued. He suggested that I start up a yarn business, and so the seed was planted. We talked about how I would start, what I should expect, what the name might be. It was a fun thought, having my own yarn business. 

He continued to make a strong recovery and soon he was able to go back home. I also returned to Denver for a couple of weeks but flew back out for my Fathers 76th birthday. My gift to him was the cabled lap blanket I knitted for him while he was in the hospital. Again, he urged me to start my own business.

I said I would think about it.. and I have. Over the last two years it had been an idea, a really tempting idea. This year I decided it was time! I knew I didn't want to just sell yarn. I wanted to provide products that are derived from renewable resources and manufactured in a way that is good to people and the planet. So that is what I am doing! I couldn't be happier and the process of finding these products is very rewarding. 


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