"Hey, Babies! You think I haven't been waiting for this moment?! It was inevitable I would be immortalized by some super sick hand dyed yarn!"
- Gwenpool 💖

Well, at least we know Marvel's Gwenpool is super stoked about this yarn.

This is a dyed to order colorway. Pick your base yarn and how many you would like. 

Note: Each base yarn may take dye differently resulting in either lighter or darker tones. I try my best to keep true to the colors pictured but results may vary.

DK Superwash:
100% Merino Wool - 5.5 sts/1" on US 4 (3.5 mm) - Approx 245 yards

Worsted Superwash:
100% Merino Wool - 4.5 5 sts/1" on US 6-9 (4 - 5.5 mm) - Approx 185 yards

Super Bulky Single Ply:
100% Wool - 1-3 sts/1" on US 11-17 (8 - 12.75 mm) - Approx 90 yards